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Service a Trillion Dollar Government Contracting Industry with Your Own Business

Service a Trillion Dollar Government Contracting Industry with Your Own Business

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USA Spending reports that as of August 31, 2020, the Federal Government obligated $8.7 Trillion dollars. This does not include the billions of dollars spent by States, Local Governments, Utilities, Hospital Systems, and other procurements. The common thread across every sector is that companies are hungry for skilled experts to help identify and qualify real business leads and then help them close the sale with professional proposals. If you’re wondering how you can capitalize on this spend with a scalable business, consider starting your own bid and proposal management franchise business, backed by a proven professional bid and proposal company (ProposalHelper). 

Traditionally, franchising has been limited to brick and mortar businesses. However, the bid and proposal industry has been designed and geared to be an ideal work-from-home business. Until now, most people in this industry either worked as employees to contractors or independent consultants – neither of which paved the way for the aspiring entrepreneurs who wanted to scale and build a successful, multi-million dollar business. With innovative and new franchise options, the doors for entrepreneurship to professionals in the procurement industry are now wide open. 

Here’s are some reasons why the Bid & Proposal Industry Franchise makes good business sense

Recession or Boom – Business Continues

Unlike more common and traditional franchises like gyms or fast food joints, a franchise in the contracting space is nearly recession proof. Even with a slow, struggling economy or unprecedented event like a global pandemic, your business still has a solid chance to succeed, because typically that is when government spending increases. In better economic conditions, your business will benefit from needs and requirements across Government and Commercial contracting. The need to grow business never stops – this means the need for business development and proposal support never goes away. 

Business Development (BD) and proposal services can and have been delivered remotely for over a decade. The processes and technologies are already designed for your entire team to work without investing in fancy office buildings and supplies. You’ll find that you can get your bid and proposal management consulting business started with a reasonable investment and faster rate of return (ROI). 

Support Other Businesses

As a franchise owner with experience in procurement and acquisition, you’ll make a positive difference in the lives of many businesses and your local communities. From helping businesses find the right opportunities, conceptualizing the ideal technical solutions, and technical writing to a complete life cycle proposal management process, you will be able to support businesses in your local communities every step of the way. As an established procurement thought-leader, you can provide the business consulting services that create local jobs. 

Enjoy Incredible Growth

If you take the plunge and pursue a business in the government contracting industry, the sky will truly be the limit. You’ll be able to leverage your local sphere of influence and connections to identify potential clients. However, you are not alone in your growth journey. With the right franchisor and a network of franchisees who are strong thought-leaders and mentors in their local communities, you can grow your business with the help of the herd, you are never alone.

Establish your brand as a Thought Leader – Support Diversification

As a member of a larger network of business experts, you can help your clients with your own knowledge and experience in procurement and acquisition but also tap into fellow franchise owners to get additional resources to help your clients. You can guide and groom more commercial businesses to enter government contracting and vice versa – companies are always looking to diversify and you can be the advisor helping companies achieve their diversification growth. If you have been an independent consultant or you are a senior executive starting your next career phase, you know that starting a new business may not be difficult but scaling the business to where you are working on your business, not in your business can be arduous. With a franchise catered to your specific entrepreneurial aspirations, it is must faster and easier than trying to go at it alone. As one of the first franchise offerings in the bid and proposal industry, BidExecs Franchising invites you to learn more about the new and innovative options available in the crowded and outdated franchising sector.