What do we Offer? – BidExecs

Frequently Asked Questions

BidExecs offers Business Development and Proposal Management Solutions in the commercial and public sector.

BidHub: Business Development Solutions

BidExecs Business Development Consultants will have access to the uniquely designed BidHub Platform – a cloud-based software that allows you to combine consultation and facilitation for business proposals for your client to pursue. The BidHub platform enables you to connect and learn about the requirements of your client. Learn more about BidHub offerings from Margery Jones, Vice President of Sales.

Bid-X: Proposal Solutions

Turning leads to actual revenue requires well-articulated, well-planned, and well-written proposals. Whether the proposal is for a government construction project, transit authorities, or international development – the process of building winning proposals starts with BidExecs’ disciplined proposal structure.
Learn more about Bid-X offerings and processes from Dr. Troy Tyre, Vice President of Delivery Solutions.