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The sacrifices that our military families have made to preserve our safety and peace of mind have been outstanding — BidExecs wanted to find a way to thank them for their unwavering dedication.

Although we do currently offer a 20% discounted franchise opportunity for Veterans or Military Spouses, we’ve come up with a way to further celebrate their commitment to keeping our country safe and stronge.

BidExecs has decided to join the country in recognizing our veterans and military spouses by awarding a franchise to a qualified veteran or military spouse.  This contest will begin March 2022 and we will be drawing the winner in September 2022.

Are you interested in participating? Here are the qualifications we have set for the contest!

Contest Qualifications

BidExecs is welcoming all active members of our military or veterans or military spouse to take part in our franchise giveaway. We are also looking for applicants who will transition seamlessly into our franchise opportunity. Below we have highlighted some of the requirements to take part in this contest:

An BidExecs Fit: BidExecs is looking for candidates who properly align with our brand, but that doesn’t mean you need to worry about having any sort of business ownership experience. What we’d prefer is someone who understands the importance of client engagement and satisfaction. Veterans and military spouses work in environments that are centered around teamwork and achieving a common goal, so it should be a natural fit!

Available Liquidity: Although this contest is a giveaway, we still want to make sure that whoever is awarded the territory has the means to fuel their business long term. The winner of this contest will not have to worry about any of the requirements to make a typical investment, but they will still need a cash reserve of about $30,000 to help fund their business.

Why Should I Apply?

If you’ve thought about opening your own business but have never taken the steps to make it a reality, this is your opportunity to make it happen! Rather than face all of the challenges that come along with independent ownership, our team at BidExecs will take the time to show you the ropes and support your growth along the way. Military families understand the importance of putting in the work, and with BidExecs you should expect to be involved with your business.

Please see official rules and regulations here

We are so excited to get to know you, hear about your goals as an aspiring business owner, and possibly award you this unique and first in the contracting industry franchise opportunity.

If you’re interested in submitting your name into our veteran or military spouse contest, apply and we will add you to the drawing for our franchise opportunity.