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The Science of Consistently Winning Proposals

The Science of Consistently Winning Proposals

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There is a definitive science to capturing your business with a proposal writing strategy that sets you apart from competitors. This information advantage, though widely understood in the industry, is hardly ever put to practice. It partly explains why companies find it easy to win one-odd proposals. However, doing it consistently with a driven process is what will set your business on a streak.

Writing proposals is not always a fun task. But when you have the science nailed down, and the information that the strategy requires, the proposal writes itself. Based on this very science, BidHub Solutions implements an efficient proposal writing process that stands on the shoulders of information and strategy.

Any good proposal writing consultant will tell you that the starting point is setting business goals. It is imperative for a good proposal writing company to pay heed to your business’ foundational goals. This is where the BidExecs proposal writing strategy comes in handy — helping your business win sufficient proposals in a year to keep it afloat, while also preparing you for wins five years down the line.

An actionable proposal, one that compels action to be taken by the client, is educated by the marketing and development strategy of your business. This will fundamentally align your client with the scope of your relationship synergy. The words are succinct in expressing the essence of your business’ future outlook here.

Following this, a proposal writing consultant will act on the basis of the solidified development strategy to gather intel and quality leads. This is pivotal in ensuring the right clients are targeted. BidExecs helps you effectively merge the vision of your business with that of your proposal’s recipient.

The next step here is to capture the strategy and plan of each proposal — a time-intensive task that requires a great amount of honesty. BidExecs harnesses the power of technology and human intelligence to produce powerful insights of your domain.

Finally, the marketing and development strategy, intel, and strategic planning combine to give a proposal strategy that will make you stand out in front of your clients. BidExecs’ consistent process generates a solution that is tailor-made and specific to your business’ identified opportunities — teaching you the science of winning proposals along the way.

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